Department of Chemistry

Science is considered as a continuous human effort to systematize knowledge to describe and understand nature. It is a such wide subject that for the sake of convenience, it is subdivided into different disciplines. Chemistry is one of the main discipline of such division. Chemistry is defined as a branch of natural science in where we study about composition structure and properties of matter.In Reliance College Jr. Golaghat, Chemistry is one of the major subject in the department of science. In our college it is not only considered as a subject of science but it is consider as a way of information in the different fields for the students. By keeping this view in mind, we take different activities such as field study, science exhibition, seminar regarding the important topics of nature etc.Any matter of science is considered as a true, when it is practically proved and so practical classes are very important for the students. For this reason in our college there is a chemistry laboratory with high facilities like other department of science. Generally in the laboratory, we perform all the practical activities that belong to the syllabus.Most of the students, passed higher secondary from this institution have been doing their job in the different fields like in the department of medical, in the department of engineering, in the department of teaching, in the department of science research etc. At last good luck for the college and thank.

Faculty Name: Debranjan Sarma, M.Sc.

Phone No: 9957004801

Faculty Name: Dr. Subrata Nath, M.Sc., Ph.D. (IITG)

Phone No: 9854125926


Faculty Name: Saptasikha Bhuyan, M.Sc.

Phone No: 6000039715