Department of Political Science

In the biggest democracy of the world, today, Political Science, the most developing social science has the largest necessity to be a valued learning among all the citizens in general and among the new generation in particular. This learning can accelerate the most wanted nation building process and begets the unity and integrity of the nation.
Under these circumstances, the Reliance Education Society takes the pain to impart the holy learning of social science among the youths of H.S. standard since 2003, with the ceaseless efforts of the teachers of the college. The students are given teaching on the burning theories of social science along with the actuals of the working of the Indian Constitutional system. As this branch of social science has the realities in society, therefore attempts are taken to organize seminar, group discussion etc. to make the students learned about the actuals of working of the biggest democracy.
The department’s attempts cannot claims total success, yet we have better performance since inception. Hundreds of students since 2003 become successful to get letter marks in the subject under HS Council Examination. The most reputed result is that Miss Mridushmita Hazarika was able to secure highest marks (97%) in Political Science in 2014.
We hope the department will shine more in future with the full cooperation of the learners.

Faculty Name: Bonoshree Borah, M.A.

Phone No: 9508855255


Faculty Name: Lija Bora, M.A.

Phone No: 6900290379