Department of Sociology

Sociology is a discipline of social science in the arts stream of the present education system. This discipline Sociology is the youngest of all the different social sciences. Before 19th century the word Sociology was quite an unfamiliar word to the people and the word was not to be found in the dictionaries of the world. This subject emerged as a distinct academic discipline around the 19th century. The credit for making the study of society scientific goes to the French Philosopher Auguste Comte (1798-1857) known as the Father of Sociology. Later Herbert Spencer (England, 1820-1903), Emile Durkheim (French 1858-197) and Max Weber (Germany 1863-1920) also made many valuable contributions towards the formation of the subject for which the above mentioned four great social thinkers are known as the four founding fathers of Sociology.
In India Sociology has been an extension of western primarily the British tradition. Later Dr. G. S. Ghurye, R. K. Makherji, D. P. Makherji, Irawati Kurve, D. N. Majumder, K. M. Kapadia, S. C. Dube, M. N. Srinivas etc the reputed sociologists initiated the study and have conducted many researches on modern Indian Society. Sociology was first introduced as a teaching subject in Bombay University in India in the year 1919. In the next year this was introduced in Lucknow and Calcutta Universities in 1920. Today in most of the universities in India there have the department of Sociology with upto date research facilities. It is also learnt today that many Indian Sociologist too have been serving in foreign countries in different capacities. This subject also causes enthusiasm to many of the students for studying Sociology because this is very mach helpful for achieving administrative services through competitive examinations like ACS, IAS, IPS etc. In Reliance College Jr., Golaghat there is also the provision of the subject Sociology with the required full facilities to the students. It is hoped that the students of Sociology of this college will be able to mould their career in future in desirable manner.

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