Department of Mathematics

The department of Mathematics was started on 10th July, 2003 which is the foundation day of the college. Providing human resource to study various technological courses and application of Mathematics in various Arts subjects necessarily Economics and Commerce faculties also are the objective of teaching Mathematics in +2 level.
In 2011, Mallika Shivam secured the highest mark in Mathematics in all Assam Higher Secondary Examination. In 2012, Arpita Phukan secured 99% in Mathematics. In 2013, Prangshu Pratim Saikia secured 90.8% marks in Higher Secondary Examination. He secured 96% in Mathematics.

Faculty Name: Padma Tamuly, M.Sc.

Phone No: 9435515211

Faculty Name: Dr. Bipul Ch. Bhuyan, M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D.

Phone No: 7002564701 / 9435526875


Faculty Name: Monoj Tamuli, M.Sc.

Phone No: 9678448178