Department of Commercial Mathematics

Mathematics is used in most aspects of daily life. Without good grasp of basic mathematics, it could be quite difficult to survive in today’s competitive world. In Reliance College Jr., Golaghat ‘Commercial Mathematics and Statistics’ has been introduced as an elective subject for the student of commerce stream. The syllabus of this subject includes elementary arithmetic, algebra, statistics, probability etc.
In order to know a business it requires skill more than developing a product or providing a service. Understanding commercial mathematics is important to maintain profitable operations and accurate keeping of records.
Moreover, mathematics is an important subject and it enhances a person’s reasoning, problem solving skills, and in general, the ability to think. Hence it is important for understanding almost every subject whether science and technology, medicine, the economy, or business and finance.

Faculty Name: Abhijit Dutta, M.Com

Phone No: 9101520365